"life skills coaching"

Respect your life, your passions, your challenges


Terry Mclaren

Hi there, 

I am Terry McLaren. I have a passion  for helping people. This has driven me, over the years, to become a physiotherapist, a martial arts and self defence coach, and a lifeskills coach. I am also someone who is honest enough to  admit I have made many mistakes but have continued to learn and grow from each experience. I realise this life is a marathon, not a sprint, and I wish to help as many people enjoy it along the way.

My offer is to provide education on how our bodies and mind work, in simple, straightforward language. You will get clear, step by step, holistic guidelines that will enable you to deal with any challenges and grow greater confidence and motivation by defining and following your core values.


I have helped people grow and overcome challenges both physically and mentally, and repeatedly continued to see how, with a little guidance in the right areas, people will make the best choices for themselves.

There are many paths we must travel, not all of them paved in gold. Each of us has our own way, based on our own stories from our past and imagined future. My goal is simply to offer you a way to increase your awareness, your reasons and your motivations to consider when writing the rest of your unfinished masterpiece. 

The philosophy of Immanuel Kant states that for us to be truly happy, we need 3 things in our lives. We need to have someone to love, something to do and something to hope for. If read from the point of view of giving and sharing, it shows us how to expand our love for others, find purpose in our daily lives and develop joy in the journey. 

I hope we can talk soon to expand on all the great things you already are and want to be.

Best wishes