Respect your life, your relationships and your challenges

Respect your life, your relationships and your challengesRespect your life, your relationships and your challenges


Terry Mclaren

Hi there, 

I'm Terry. I love helping people. This has driven me, over the years, to become a physiotherapist, a martial arts and personal safety coach, and a life skills coach. I am also someone who is honest enough to  admit I have made mistakes but have learnt and grown from each experience. I realise this life is a marathon, not a sprint, and I want to help as many people enjoy it along the way.

My offer is to help you to learn how our bodies and mind work, in simple, straightforward language. With a clear, step by step, holistic system that you will be able to use to deal with any challenges in your life and develop greater confidence and motivation to move forward.


I have helped people grow and overcome challenges both physically and mentally, and repeatedly continued to see how, with a little guidance in the right areas, people will make the best choices for themselves. You see, we all are doing the best that we can given our history (what we believe we can do). When you understand that we all use the same processes to get through life, you will start using it more wisely. We all have own own paths to tread, based on our own stories from our past and imagined future. 

Immanuel Kant says for us to be truly happy, we need 3 things in our lives.

 We need to have someone to love,

 something to do 

and something to hope for. 

In it's simpleness,  it shows us how to expand our relationships, find purpose in our daily lives and enjoy the journey. 

I hope we talk soon.

Best wishes